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Greg G
06/07/2011 06:48

phillip wong
01/15/2012 01:43

LOL... The fear is enough of a torture.

01/15/2012 02:12

Here is what you need to know: The Chinese are not the enemy to anyone. Chinese history, and society tend to be introverted, and inward looking. They are not warriors, but business people with love for wisdom, business and history. Responsibility to the family, and community.

Now, here is where you are playing with fire: They can destroy America if you make them pee their pants.. Your neo-con talk would most likely invoke "fear" in the Chinese. Do you really want to "scare" the poor starving Chinese masses, and give more power to the hardliners in the mainland? I don 't think so. When an animal is consumed with "fear"/"containment", that animal might actually preemptively give 1000 nukes to all the countries in Latin American( and Cuba), and other "groups". It is "knowledge", and the diffusion of nuclear capability you should be scare about. When superpower confront one another, I assure you there will be nuclear exchanges.

Do you really really want to scare the Chinese masses who by the way just want to make a better life for themselves to pee their pants, and preemptively destroy America.

02/12/2012 05:49

The point is not to scare the Chinese but they need to act like friends in order to be treated like friends. When they repeatedly slap up in the face with cyber attacks, military & economic espionage, provacations in the South China Sea, embargoes of rare earth metals, etc, etc, you expect us to turn the other cheek and not hold the Chinese government responsible for their own misconduct.

Treat us like friends and I would be very happy to treat them as friends.

01/18/2012 12:10

Greg Goodwin
06/07/2011 07:32

I am a baby boomer who has been writing about China and economic troubles facing our country since 2005. I was directly involved with the transfer of our technology to China until 2001 when I then refused to do it anymore, which destroyed my career in industry.
I also ran for US Congress in 2010 on a platform exposing the financial issues facing the country and ways getting out of our economic troubles. I didn't win because I ran as an Independent. I know this current two party system is the reason why we are where we are at economically. Because both parties are corrupt with lobbying money filling their pockets, rather than working for the country.
I was raised in Michigan and am very pleased to see you folks attacking the problems which are destroying our nation and the economic and political powers benefiting from this selling our nation out for the economic influences by China and others.
Keep up the great work you are doing and now that I have your website, I will be watching it closely which I write a newsletter and will include your articles on your website in it, which I will provide the link to your website when ever I do.
I assume you folks are students or around that age, I am so pleased to see you involved with these issues you will be faced with in your working careers ahead of you.
I will assist you anyway I can to help you spread the word you all are promoting.
Keep up the faith in our country, we can all do our part in saving the country we know and love.

04/03/2012 10:09

There is something i want say. Do you want buy a shirt 100$ but you can buy 80$ before? If China don't make anything for America, America's economic will be worse. Believe it or not, Chinese was unhappy to make things too. They only earn 1% for everything they did. And Chinese works really hard, All the pollution comes to China too. Are you guys still not satisfied about it?

06/07/2011 16:29

I just recently discovered your website and have been researching and writing about this particular issue for a few years now (see a few related links listed below). I am glad to see you are pinpointing the problem at its source. It is our multinational business leaders and political leaders that have given China our manufacturing and the technology to manufacture our goods. It is the U.S westerners that first came bearing gifts starting over 30 years ago. The Chinese sin perhaps is they did not to kick a gift horse in the mouth. They were and apparently still are acceptable “Communist” for our capitalist MNC to deal with and develop the relationship into what it is today. It is this activity that has resulted in China to manufacture at least 45% or more of our own American brands and in turn become one of the largest holders of our massive debt. It is America’s business and political policies that has placed us in this situation and I am very confident it was done on purpose. It appears you know this.

Our business and political leaders have placed this nation in great jeopardy and my concern is how we navigate through this in the days and years ahead. Misrepresenting this situation with inflammatory rhetoric will only exacerbate hostilities. Our business and political leaders, to escape responsibility, will need a scapegoat. If history tells us anything we know where this potentially could lead: what will America’s business leaders lobby our elected officials to do if China gets pissed off and confiscates their affiliates and other investments they have operating over there? You can bet your ass they will come running home waving the big red, white, and blue demanding that we protect ‘our’ foreign interest. These same MNC that invest abroad and outsource our jobs for cheaper labor and park their money in offshore tax havens to avoid paying U.S taxes could someday in the near future find themselves needing US to protect their foreign interest. If it comes to this and I hope it doesn’t sadly many of our misinformed citizens will buy in on the rhetoric and many of young men and women will put their lives on the line for “democracy” and be none the wiser.
American Protectionism – 30 Years Too Late:
Is a Global Trade War Avoidable?:
Have America’s Business and Political Leaders cooked our Goose?:
What if you only bought American made Products?:

06/08/2011 13:22

Below is an excerpt from my blog post:

The heart of the post is a copy of a map printed in Philadelphia and copyrighted in 1942 that shows the globalists' plans of for the world after WWII. The Library of Congress received the map in Feb. 42, indicating that the map was likely drawn up before Pearl Harbor. I also have links to better copies at the L of C and the University of San Diego.

The excerpt was written to accompany three segments that I'd scanned and published in the library or gallery sections of several political discussion groups before the L of C digitized its copy in the early part of this century.

“Turning to Africa, we see another consolidation--the Union of African Republics. Major stumbling blocks have been removed from the road to this goal -- the white governments of Rhodesia and South Africa. Did it seem just a tad inconsistent and hypocritical when our government condemned and embargoed South Africa for “human rights violations” while granting “Most Favored Nation” status to the country that had savagely raped Tibet?--the country whose government is probably the most brutal and oppressive in history? If you thought it hypocritical, I agree with you. If you thought it inconsistent, I would ask, “With what?” If you’ve taken or will take the time to look at Asia, you’ll see that that peaceful but unfortunate land had already been predestined to be part of the United Republics of China. So the actions of our government in relation to Africa and Asia were consistent with the plans published in 1942. While black Americans and “liberals” cheered the “liberation” of the blacks in Rhodesia and South Africa, the way was cleared to enslave the entire continent.

Again, if we look at Asia, we see poor Tibet already merged into China, along with Sinkiang, Inner Mongolia, Korea, Indo China, and Thailand. With the fall of Vietnam, Laos, and North Korea to Chinese Communism, it shouldn’t take much to make them United “Republics”. As we continue to make China the premiere economic, military, and political power in Asia, it will be difficult for South Korea and Thailand to avoid absorption--if that is still the plan.”

Anyone who thinks the “Made in America” stamp on Communist China is a nightmare might find my nightmare interesting.

Rick, a.k.a. PhreedomPhan

Sun Yat Sen
11/16/2011 19:46

China is ruled by a group of hooligans, who focus on one thing: dictator power and luxury life it brings to them. In order to maintain its dictatorship, the government had slaughtered nearly 100 million of its citizens since it took power in 1949. This is by far the most sinister government in the world. For this reason, it's biggest enemy is its own citizens, who are taught by state media manipulated history since grade school and denied truth through internet censorship. In this web era, if we disarm its censorship system, then we could at least make one billion Chinese citizen informed and not support their dictators if not immediately overthrow them, like Libyans did to Gaddafi.

12/22/2011 16:15

I come from CHINA,I am happy to see Americans and the man like Sun Yat Sen who are so afraid to see a powerful and strong nation establishing on this planet since her FIVE THOUSAND YEARS' HISTORY AND ONE POINE THREE BILLION PEOPLE.


democracy is actually democrazy
01/16/2012 21:08

Yes,what we are desiring is the rise of the CHINA EMPIRE and the fall of the white world.LOL.

01/25/2012 04:20


01/25/2012 13:55

顶楼主! AGREE

01/04/2012 15:27

These posts are ridiculous. I doubt M-W is from China - he is just another idiot who plans to sensationalize international tension.

Instead of trying to compete, shouldn't we cooperate? Their flight does not mean our plight. That's what being a global citizen means. Instead of acting from envy, we should act from love and embrace our brothers on the other side of the world to create a better world for all. The Chinese are not trying to show that they are better than us. They just want to live happy lives.

John Hans
01/09/2012 14:54

@lol, If there were more people like you, the world would be a better place. Unfortunately, the whole web site is dedicated to incite hatred. Every country and culture has its strong and weak points. We should focus on the positive aspects and learn from each other. China has lots of challenges. So does the US. China has made tremendous progress in the past 30 years economically and politically. It's not a zero-sum game. China and the US can progress together. It's a self fulfilling prophecy. If you keep looking for an enemy, you'll end up having one. Why do you need an enemy to show you are better?

As for the M-W guy, he/she is uneducated and uncivilized regardless where he/she is from.

democracy is actually democrazy
01/16/2012 21:16

The resource of the earth is limited.In the near future,we can expect we CHINA and your USA will face the same resource-lack problem,and this will result the fall of the economy.President Obama had said that the world resource cannot support Chinese live like America,but this is what we are in progress.So,in a resource-lack world,any tragedy may come into reality.May it not open,but you America are actually hostile and unfriendly to our Chines.

01/26/2012 21:50

I do agree with you! I am a Chinese. Each coin has two side and we can't judge it by one side. People should help each other so that we can achieve win-win.

01/19/2012 00:43

This "Terry tao", is a chinaman spy for China, teaching at a American university. People, the damn chinese are taking our jobs. The Chinaman are rats of the world, and they must be kicked out, and destroyed. I agree with the site owner. The chinese are up to no good. They are godless, and communist. They want to turn America into communist! They hate capitalism, and want to crush us. They are trying to nuke us. They want to rape our daughters.

First, we should kick out all chinaman scientists in our university.

Second, We should send all the Chinese in America back to China.

Third, We stop our trade with China. Starve their people, bomb their government, and cities so they will never be rich. Destroy their universities and companies so that they don 't threaten us.


01/26/2012 21:56

Who are you? Are you an American? Shame on you! Don't forget the products you use are made in China! Who care about you! You are nothing at all. You didn't show your respect to Chinese culture. How old are you? You fear China because you are weak!

01/19/2012 08:40

It has long been established by prof. Antony Sutton that Wall-street has played a decisive role in the build-up of the Soviets and the Nazis during the first half of the 20th century.
This was a policy based on the artificial manufacturing of Hegelian conflicts in order to bring about a new order out of chaos. In a remarkable 'coincidence', Wall-street has begun the buildup of the Chinese regime (i.e. its transformation from archaic communism to industrial socialism) in 1989 - right after the collapse of the Soviets and the removal of the Berlin wall.

Full analysis here:

01/19/2012 13:14

This "Francis Fukuyama" jap is also trying to destroy "AMERICA!", and take our JOBS. Why are we trading with those slit eye Japs, and Gooks as well as with the chinks? They buildup large surplus as well. ALL THOSE SLIT EYE YELLLOW MAGGOTS MUST BE NUKED. WE SHOULD INVADE THEIR LAND, AND KILL ALL THERE PEOPLE.

01/21/2012 18:41

they eat dogs and cats,they pollute more then any other country in the history of the world, they have the WORST human rights record in modern histroy.

I say lets nuke china,no one will care,the world will be a better place,and its a war that would be popular among the informed peoples of the world.

god damn i HATE the chinese.

and we can draft the mexicans into service too,kill two birds with one stone.

no chinese atrocities and no more illegals ,sounds like a win win to me.

02/06/2012 11:23

I am an American student living in the US. The problem is not with china but with people like you who are too lazy to work. Instead of pointing your finger at other people, start looking at yourself in the mirror. America is losing because it has lost its competitive advantage. In my high school, young Americans are no where near the level of caliber of Chinese/Asian american.

Whining is not going to solve anything.

08/07/2013 13:31

John the problem is communication. You do know that Larry is joking...correct? You did know that right?

01/21/2012 18:44

It's time to sort China out - I mean they're going to be the ones that end up shagging the planet proper. Look at the drain on the earth's resources all those slitty-eyed little chinks are causing. Fuck 'em. Fuck 'em all.

Pollution - jeez - have you seen the shit about the Olympics in '08? All our athletes should be in aclimatisation training - spending six hours a day inhaling exhaust fumes direct from a tractor or something to get them ready for it.

Toys - fucking hell - the slitty-eyed little fucking retards are poisoning our kids as well as their own. Fuckers.

Food - it's okay if the little greasy black-haired bastards kill themselves by eating noodles laced with dioxins but please keep that fucking chimp shit food over there will you?!

Metal - thanks to these chinese bastards going around the world buying up metal reserves the local crims in my town have started going around stealing road signs because of the price of aluminium going through the roof. Thank you China.

01/22/2012 08:34

I would like to make a point about this website. Its intent is not to create a hatred of Chines Americans or Chinese people for that matter. Rather, we are speaking to the American people and saying that China wants what we have, which is understandable but we are being stupid for giving it to them so easily and at our own expense.

A relatively small number of Americans profit from giving our technology to China, some university administrators and corporate executives. The rest of us are losing jobs and paying more taxes to compensate for the modernizing Chinese military.

Our intent is to give our politicians some backbone to say that we must protect or secrets that we have invested so much into R&D to develop.

01/23/2012 13:24

Yes, those CHINKS took our jobs. The only way is to boycott CHINK products( both US CHINK, and CHINA CHINKS), and all those factory jobs will come back to AMERICA.

01/25/2012 04:54

= = you guys think too much. we only want better life and never intend to invade you americans....
chinese are freindly . they hate wars very much. just think of the war between CHINA and JAPAN. it was a terrible history. we wont repeat the tragedy...
as for the GOV.sometimes we love it.sometimes we hate it. we dont follow our gov all the time.the gov wont plan a big war or sth else.because the great 1.3billion people have a lot of things to ask the gov to deal with.our chairman & president dont have much energy to think of threating other countries .LOL...hah....
as for the education, everybody has the right to get better education,right?. we pay more tuition fee to usa colleges to enter your s fair~~~on the other hand,we contribute to the taxes of states ,thats why ucla or other uc shools like chinese students.

01/25/2012 20:34

Western countries should stop playing nice guys and use their superior military dominance to take over the world. We might be in debt but what good is money when you can't use it.
Take over the world by going to war and destroy other countries infrastructure, then build it back using American men. We can even take back our manufacturing jobs in the process.

This is all
01/25/2012 21:17

This site is full of shit and trolls. Larry is a fucking idiot if not a troll. The people who believe the shit on this site are just brainless. Every diplomatic relationship comes with ups and downs. Don't just focus on the negative things. Look at the broader picture. And another thing, America shouldn't be a country that blames others for its own problems. We are quickly becoming a nation of selfish bastards and lazy asses. No country is perfect and China is certainly no exception but seriously, get a proper education people!

01/26/2012 01:37

Why don 't you shut the hell up. China will take over the world. They already have large number of chink engineers. We can nuke them before they nuke us, and destroy them. That way, we can we build our economy.

01/30/2012 15:27

This is one of craziest website that I ever visited.

01/30/2012 22:29

must go.

buy Chinese products
01/31/2012 22:49

Why do I buy Chinese products? I support them because I know my dollars are helping lift an entire civilization out of poverty and oppression. The standard of living in China has dramatically improved over the past few decades and it's because of manufacturing jobs.

And while I do feel for Americans who have lost their jobs, I feel more empathy for the Chinese workers whose jobs are literally life and death matters. Without factory jobs, they don't have the option to purchase "sustainable" feel-good consumer products because without jobs, they don't have any income.

I feel pretty comfortable buying an iPod. Mostly because when I do, I'm making more of an impact on poverty than bloviating on an internet forum about social responsibility.

02/06/2012 03:21

I am sick, and tired of our CEO creating more jobs in China. It all started when we train their students. This is why the quality of their product is improving. The US need to add a import tax on all Chinese goods, so that manufacturing would move to India, and make India the manufacturing center of Asia linking India with Japan, and Korea. The world should stop trading with China, period. The US should stop importing Chinese students because they are too competitive with Americans in jobs. Our leaders should stop playing nice, and destroy their infrastructure, and economy. They are a threat to the primacy of the west, and thus, should be destroyed.

02/07/2012 13:09

"They are a threat to the primacy of the west, and thus, should be destroyed". Is this what your parents taught you?!

02/08/2012 02:56

He learn it from your grandma last night.

02/12/2012 00:29

US born chinese applying for jobs in military/Boeing to gain access to their secrets so they can give them to their motherland.
CHinese all over the world was brought with the idea that they are special people and they are being persecuted so they have to get even, some cr.ap like that.
I can attest to you, my co worker is Chinese and he keeps stealing ideas and codes from everyone.

02/12/2012 04:52

chinese everyhere are the same. They are a threat to the world. Must be destroy, and their people liberated by their culture, and history.

02/13/2012 15:16

All Chinese are evil. The chink jeremy lin say he wants to play for COMMUNIST China. The Commie comrade:

The Chinese chinks must be destroyed. The US must liberate china by nuking them. If not, they will beat US.

04/03/2012 10:02

I am a Chinese. I think this web is mean. Have you ever think about how America rise up? Compare with America, China's rise up is peaceful. You may say China wants be the boss of world. Have you think about that, who is boss of world now? Ameria! Past 20 year, how many war America declare to other country? How many of them is reasonable? May be in all American's eye, you guy's try to keep world away from war. No, you make world worse. One thing i want talk about is Iraq war. Were people in Iraq's life get better after war? No! It's a nightmare for them. They had good life before. Americans may hear about how bad they live before, but you guy's just make it worse.
In Chinese's mind, America is a big bully. He doesn't want others be equal to him. At some case, America is. America had sell weapon to Taiwan, it's may be just a business you guys think. But it cause trouble, you guys try to star a war between China and Taiwen!
I think America have too much power in world, It's time for America give all the right back to other country now.

04/05/2012 10:18

谢谢各位网络评论员为我们共产政权发言撑腰。没有你们,我们这些皇太子怎么能够在国外享受人生?开跑车,泡洋妞... 希望你们在国内继续努力,我向你们致以无产阶级的敬礼!
My parents are high level communist officials in China. I want to thank all the Chinese government web commentators! Without you folks defending for us, I can't possibly enjoy the life I have now in the States: fast cars and hot foreign babes. Keep up the good work in China, and please accept this salute from a proletariat.

01/23/2013 18:16

I just think it's fuck up ppl think like that. Our gov mess up the fucking economy and blame on other countries. Its BULLSHIT MAN!!! And I dnt why media made up stuff. Im proud to be american but thats not a wonderful country should do. Man this web is just a f big lie


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